Mr Philip Chapman-Sheath and Mr Nicholas Hancock are both Specialist Fellowship Trained Consultant Knee Surgeon based in Hampshire, UK. They offer a wide range of treatment options for both elective and trauma based knee conditions ranging from sports injuries, cartilage transplantation (CCI), ligament reconstruction through to arthritis  treating partial and total primary and complex revision knee replacements.

We feel that it is vital that patients are given impartial advice and are free to make informed choices when considering surgery. The Knee Group are firmly committed to delivering the highest quality of care at all stages of investigation and treatment.

We offer  all aspects of knee surgery based in the best private hospitals in the Wessex region. We pride ourselves in offering:

• Impartial Advice

• Choice of surgery and clinic locations

• Evidence based treatment

• Modern surgical techniques and the latest implants

• Expert clinical care and safety

• Personalised post-operative rehabilitation

• First class physiotherapy program with Stephanie Cain @ Wessex Specialist Physiotherapy.

Welcome To The Knee Group
PA: Suzette Pearce
Secretary: Mrs Lisa Gould
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